Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Testing Time is Here!

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers are blooming! This is also the time of year when our students show what they have learned and are able to do on a variety of assessments. Below I've listed some brief information on the tests your child may be taking this spring. Please help your child do their personal best by ensuring they are well rested, have healthy meals, and have some time to wind down and have fun at home to reduce anxiety.  Here are some tips for test-taking:

Spring Testing information:

Kindergarten: Kindergarteners are assessed on letter names, letter sounds and their ability to read short nonsense words. We use both timed- and untimed assessments to determine how they perform on these reading tasks in relation to students across the nation.

1st grade: First graders are assessed on their ability read short nonsense words, as well as a first-grade leveled reading passage. These assessments are timed and allows us to see how they perform in relation to other first graders in the nation.

2nd grade: Second graders are assessed using the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment for reading and math. This assessment is given on the computer and students are not timed. A variety of reading and math tasks are given and the test adjusts to how the student is performing, in order to give an accurate measure of their ability as compared to other second graders in the country. The are also given the MAZE assessment for reading comprehension and the Reading CBM assessment to measure fluency rate, accuracy, and phrasing. The information obtained from the Reading CBM is also used for the state fluency assessment that is required for all second graders.

3rd grade-5th grade: Our third, fourth and fifth grade students are assessed using the Reading CBM for oral reading fluency, MAZE assessment for reading comprehension and the Smarter Balanced Assessment for state testing.

Your child's teacher can provide you with more information and answer questions about specific assessments. 

Spring Reading Connections

Reading at home is so important, and keeping our young readers engaged and motivated to read through fun experiences is vital to helping them improve their skills. Please view the Reading Connection newsletters that were sent home with your child this spring to find fun, engaging ways to enjoy reading with your child.

For our beginning readers in Kindergarten through 2nd grade:
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For our intermediate readers in 3rd through 5th grade:
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