Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Conferences are coming fast!

We really value our connections with the families of our students. We appreciate your time and dedication. Family involvement is vital to our students' success.

Our Title I/LAP Coordinator, Katie Pickrell, makes every effort to attend as many conferences as possible which have been scheduled with teachers. At the conference, you will be updated on your child's progress and reading assessment information, as well as challenges or successes we are seeing as we work with students in our reading support program. 

If you would like to schedule a separate conference with our Title I/LAP Coordinator, please call (360) 629-1270 or email Katie Pickrell at

We look forward to partnering with our amazing families to help our students achieve success in reading!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Annual Title I/LAP Parent Meeting

Hello families!

You are invited to join us at our Annual Title I/LAP Parent Meeting on Wednesday, October 25th in the Twin City Library from 9:15-10:00.

Come to enjoy some coffee, juice and treats and learn about the Title I/LAP program at Twin City and how we are helping your child achieve success in reading! There will be fun activities for the kids while the adults learn about the Reading Support Program at our school.

If you cannot attend, I'm happy to schedule a meeting with you at your convenience to provide information about our program and what you can do to support your child with reading at home.

We hope to see you there!